THE FREE SCHOOL: an account of autonomous initiatives in Jakarta (2009-2012)

The Furija Flying Infoshop and the Koko Lepo are happy to host an open forum centered around a firsthand account of the Free School initiative in Jakarta, Indonesia. Participants are invited to share their own experiences and desires in alternative education.

This is the first of a small series of events focused on anarchist and autonomous action in Indonesia. Information on the other events will be made available soon.

*prevod na zahtev

Infoshop Furija is a collective dedicated to spreading information and producing events supportive of anarchism and allied initiatives with a special emphasis on anti-fascism and anti-patriarchy.

Koko Lepo is an autonomous youth solidarity collective based in the Deponija settlement in Karaburma, Belgrade. Its activities are based on mutual aid and solidarity as well as a comittment to fighting racism, sexism, and authoritarianism through egalitarian education practices.

Time: 19h, 21. feb 2016.
Place: Hacklab, Daničareva 23

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